We offer new opportunities to return with hope

Support available when returning to the country of origin

The extra support from Solid Road offers you and your family new opportunities for a hopeful future in your country of origin. When returning, we offer the following support:

Intake interviews

If you are interested in voluntary return you can have intake interviews with us. During these interviews we explain what the return support consists of and you can ask questions that are related to return. We map out your relevant personal details such as housing requirements, work experience and training, discuss with you whether you want to / could attend a training course and make an inventory of whether and what assistance you need with reintegration. Together we look at whether you want to / could attend a training course and which course fits in well with your talents and work experience. After the intake (s) we decide whether you can register for the  project. Your motivation to return voluntarily to your country of origin, your identity documents and / or the possibility to request a laissez-passer is included in our decision.

Coaching interviews

We offer individual coaching interviews with our participants.
The following topics may be discussed during the coaching sessions:
– The situation in the country of origin
– Individual road map
– Bottlenecks in the return process and how they can be solved
– The application procedure for travel documents
– The progress of the training courses and / or the individual road map

Vocational training courses and business trainings

We offer participants vocational training courses for free and business trainings for free. The training courses last a maximum of 12 weeks and take place  at an external location. The training courses are provided by professionals from the Solid Road network. 

In-country support

To support your reintegration in the country of origin, Solid Road works closely with partner organizations in-country. Together with partner organizations, Solid Road keeps a close eye on whether the return is going according to plan. The partner organization will support you through exchanges (3) about your reintegration and links with Solid Road.

Possible training courses

Financial support