True stories of returnees

Armin is proud of the logo he designed

Armin | Armenia | business

Armin was always very interested in computers. As part of his preparation for return to Armenia, Solid Road organized a Graphic Design training course for Armin. The training was given in Dutch and although Armin spoke little Dutch, he understood the graphics program very well. He learned the different techniques quickly and proved to work very precisely. For his final assignment, Armin designed a logo for a Dutch DIY company. The logo is so successful that it is now on the bus of the DIY company. Armin is proud of that. When he went back to Armenia, he took all the graphic products he designed with him as a portfolio. That way he could show what he can do. He has since found work in Armenia.

Source: Solid Road

Amadou turned out to be a talented cabinet maker

Amadou| Mali| business

Amadou was a carpenter in Mali. In the Netherlands he stayed at the asylum centre for several years and hadn’t done anything with his profession during that time. In preparation for his return to Mali, Amadou attended intensive cabinet maker training at Solid Road where he made various pieces of furniture. Amadou picked it up again quickly and turned out to be a talented cabinet maker, with a great eye for detail and precision. He enjoyed his rediscovered talents and was proud of the furniture he made. Back in Mali, he was supported by Solid Road’s contact person in Mali to set up his own business.

Source: Solid Road 

Maria has a sense of color and composition

Maria |  Armenia| business

Maria completed university studies in Armenia. But her dream had always been to make beautiful flower arrangements for weddings and other parties. As part of her preparation for return to Armenia, Solid Road organized an intensive flower arranging training course for Maria. The trainer, a qualified florist, was very impressed as from day one with Maria’s talent for this profession. It soon became clear that Maria can create beautiful and intricate floral arrangements and has a sense of colors and compositions. Within three months Maria had mastered the trade with her green fingers and golden hands (as Armenians say). She went back to Armenia with the members of her household and found a job as a florist in Armenia.

Source: Solid Road 

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